Ultra Racing Smart Fortwo (450) Rear Anti Roll Bar 14mm URAR14-189

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Make Model Details Year Type Part No
Smart Fortwo (450) Hard Top 1998-2007 Rear ARB 14mm AR14-189
Smart Fortwo (450) Soft Top 1998-2007 Rear ARB 14mm AR14-189
Smart Fortwo (451) 1.0 2007- Rear ARB 14mm AR14-189
  • Thickness of roll bar - 14mm
  • Uses original nuts/bolts for mounting unless supplied

Technical info:

When turning in corner, the weight transfer will make the car sway a side, causing body roll and more difficult to turn in to a corner, weaken the steering respond.
The upgrade version of Ultra Racing’s anti roll bar will be more effectively preventing the car sway a side at cornering, greatly reduce body roll and high stability in cornering.



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