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Ultra Racing, established in 2002 is Malaysia's most popular and successful chassis bracing and tuning company.
Prized for their unique one-piece hollow tube design across their line of products from strut bracing to inner fender bars these are one of the strongest and most rigid parts you can fit to improve safety and vehicle handling.
Strength is greatly improved against conventional bolt together bars by removing the stress points in the mounting bolts which can reduce the life of the product under load.
Ultra Racing is also one of the first companies to manufacture true 3-point chassis bars; this gives superior performance gains by distributing stress and force throughout the chassis of the vehicle rather than just against the suspension turrets.
Retailed and distributed throughout 14 countries, Ultra Racing is now a worldwide known and trusted manufacture of chassis bracing involved heavily in many motorsport divisions. The full range extends from front strut bars, rear strut bars, anti-roll bars, fender bars as well as floor pan bars and much more.