Rear Upper Strut Brace

The Ultra Racing rear strut braces are fixed mounted hollow tube design bars used for chassis strengthening purposes.

Rear strut bars are designed to improve vehicle safety and handling, they also greatly increase vehicle stability during heavy braking by reducing the force applied to the suspension components of the car.

Rear strut bars are also very effective in front wheel drive cars by reducing understeer during fast paced driving conditions.

Ultra Racing pay very high attention to all of their rear bar products during development as to ensure that installing one will not cause the vehicle to be subject to too much stress in the chassis and vehicle body.

Rear Upper Bars are a great addition to rear strut bars to further enforce chassis stiffness and improve vehicle safety and control.

They are also very useful for vehicles with higher roofing and a high centre of gravity such as MPV�s and larger hatch backs.

Furthermore, 5 door hatch backs will receive the largest benefit by fitting one of these bars by reinforced the generally weak rear section of the vehicle due to large opening rear doors rather than a fixed body shell.